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Amazon releases update for Cloud Drive Photos app for Android

cloud drive photos
Amazon as been rather busy lately. Aside from having a massive business to run, they’ve also been out acquiring other companies to help improve their products. That hasn’t stopped their development team from releasing a new update for Cloud Drive Photos. It comes packed with new features.

The update is available now in the Google Play Store. For this update, according to Engadget’s Edgar Alvarez was to add features that were requested by users. This is exactly what Amazon did.

The most requested feature was reportedly automatic uploads of new photos to Amazon’s cloud. That’s now included. Users can also take pictures straight from the app. So there is now one fewer step between getting a good snapshot of something and getting it saved on the cloud. Some of the other features include selecting multiple files for upload or download and low storage notifications.

How does Amazon Cloud Drive Photos compare to the competition?

Before the update, it could’ve been argued that Cloud Drive Photos lacked some important features. Pretty much all of those problems have been taken care of now and Cloud Drive Photos stacks up quite well with other cloud storage services. So if you’re getting a little tired of Dropbox or just want a second cloud storage service, you could do much worse than Cloud Drive Photos.

So have any current Cloud Drive Photos users tried the new update yet? Also, are these updates worth making Cloud Drive Photos actually worth trying out?

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Article source: http://www.androidauthority.com/cloud-drive-photos-update-brings-features-150876/

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