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Telstra launches online smartphone fleet management

Telstra launches online smartphone fleet management

By Stan Beer
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 18:30

Business IT –


Telstra has launched a new product to enable organisations to manage their smartphone fleet online. The new Telstra web service claims to allow users to more easily, track multiple devices and update mobile security configurations.

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The cloud-based service allows IT administrators to manage fleets covering the most popular smartphone operating systems from Apple, Google Android, Windows Phone 6.5 and Nokia Symbian. The service will also be used to configure tablets in the near future.

Once logged in to Telstra Mobile Device Management, an organisation’s fleet of mobile devices are listed. Each can be remotely configured with new software while enterprise applications can also be installed direct to the device using the Telstra Next G® network.

Depending on the smartphone, the Telstra Mobile Device Management Portal allows an organisation to:
•         Configure the smartphone settings such ActiveSync, WiFi, APN and VPN;
•         Restrict device applications such as camera and application stores;
•         Enable security features on devices such as lock, wipe and enforce passwords;
•         Deploy enterprise applications;
•         Check device information such as storage, serial number, roaming status;
•         Upgrade smartphone firmware;
•         Send SMS messages to devices;
•         Generate usage reports.

Tim Webber, Director of Business Mobility, Telstra said the Telstra Mobile Device Management Portal was designed to give IT administrators the ability to directly manage smartphones in organisations.

“With the growing adoption of smartphones and the increasing numbers of employees that access corporate data through personal devices, it is a challenge for organisations to ensure their corporate data remains safe and secure,” Webber said.

“We’re also seeing a rise in mobile workforces across the board, with more and more staff demanding greater functionality while out of the office.

“Telstra Mobile Device Management provides peace of mind while giving IT managers visibility and the ability to deploy new IT software direct to handsets easily and effectively,” Webber said.

Telstra Mobile Device Management is available to Telstra customers who have subscribed to Telstra Mobile Connect data plans. These plans start from $29.95 per user per month and also include data for using business applications like Exchange ActiveSync, a generous data allowance for internet browsing and dedicated technical support.

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Article source: http://www.itwire.com/business-it-news/networking/48886-telstra-launches-online-smartphone-fleet-management

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