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Introducing Copiun TrustedShare — The First Mobile Enterprise Solution Delivering Secure Document Collaboration With …


. today announced Copiun TrustedShare™, the industry’s first
enterprise-grade mobile collaboration solution that lets workers
securely access and manage documents on mobile devices while delivering
end-to-end data governance to the corporation. Copiun TrustedShare is
also the only solution that provides direct, native access to
Microsoft’s SharePoint® or other File Server-based
environments with no VPN, firewall
re-configurations or extra stores. Copiun TrustedShare is available
today and in use by organizations around the globe, many in highly
regulated industries including financial services, healthcare, and

“There’s a perfect storm brewing in corporations today,” said Puneesh
Chaudhry, CEO and co‐founder of Copiun. “Mobile device proliferation is
at an all-time high, the trend toward consumerization of technology is
growing, and IT departments are struggling to gain visibility and
control over the information flow. Copiun TrustedShare was designed to
help enterprises capitalize on this flux by providing a more complete
mobile collaboration solution — one that combines simple, seamless
document access with governance and data loss prevention to balance the
needs of employees as well as IT departments.”

“Our sales team needed simple, direct access to all of their documents
on their iPads so they could shed their laptops while on the road, and
we weren’t willing to sacrifice information security. Copiun
TrustedShare is the only way to balance those needs,” said Matthew
Britt, director of Information Services, Womack Machine Supply Co. “The
product is easy to use for our mobile workers and it requires very
little from the IS department to set up and support. There are a lot of
happy iPad users around here now.”

By 2015, IDC expects that the majority of business-use smartphones
worldwide will be employee liable (55%) versus corporate liable (45%) (IDC
Worldwide Business Use Smartphone 2011–2015 Forecast and Analysis, IDC
, September 2011). “Embracing BYOD and mobile collaboration
can be a big advantage but only if the enterprise has a complete
security strategy, including IT technology management,” states IDC
senior analyst Stacy Crook. “That means considering all the different
activities that mobile workers engage in with their devices and securing
not only the device, but the data that’s now mobile. A solution like
Copiun TrustedShare can play a key role in that process as it enables
end-to-end protection without compromise.”

Copiun TrustedShare for the Mobile Worker

Copiun TrustedShare offers simple, immediate collaboration that helps
mobile workers increase productivity by connecting them to all the
information they need to do their jobs – whether in the office or out.
Key benefits for the mobile worker include:

  • More Access – Mobile workers can access, edit and share
    all types of business documents natively and securely on their
    personal mobile devices when and where they need them, ensuring the
    latest information is always at-hand. They also won’t have to be
    concerned with a slow or unreliable VPN connection or need to remember
    if they copied a file to a workspace.
  • More Devices – Copiun TrustedShare works with the most
    popular smartphones and tablets in the enterprise workplace – whether
    corporate-issued or employee-owned, iOS or Android powered.
  • More Document Stores – Copiun gives mobile workers
    secure native access to corporate documents stored anywhere — in file
    shares or in SharePoint. Users can even check-in, check-out and access
    their own SharePoint sub-sites.
  • Better Sharing — Mobile workers can securely exchange
    documents internally and externally, capture forms and field data and
    publish RFPs, manuals, collateral and more – at anytime, from any
    device, using productivity solutions appropriate to their devices.

Copiun TrustedShare for the IT Team

Copiun TrustedShare lets IT executives say “yes” to BYOD and BYOA (Bring
Your Own Apps) by helping secure, isolate and protect documents
throughout their lifecycle – from access request through transfer,
editing and publishing. This end-to-end governance also helps ensure
complete regulatory and legal compliance. Key features for the IT Team

  • Secure VPN-less – Copiun TrustedShare provides secure
    VPN-less access and does not require IT to open up ports in the
    firewall, thereby eliminating the risks associated with hackers using
    consumer apps to infiltrate the corporate network. Costly and risky
    duplicate DMZ or cloud stores are not required either.
  • Robust Policy Management – Copiun TrustedShare offers
    enterprise controls for enforcing multi-level entitlement policies
    according to user profiles for storing, emailing, printing and opening
    documents in other apps. IT administrators can even set expiration
    policies to limit the life of a document. Copiun provides scalable
    management through layered Active Directory group policies too.
  • Secure Document Container – Data in transit or at rest
    is always protected using AES-256 encryption with the key stored
    inside the firewall using RSA 4096 encryption. Copiun prevents
    unauthorized transmission of corporate data by using a multi-factor
    authentication process with Active Directory credentials.
  • Trusted App Sharing – Only apps that are authorized by
    an IT administrator such as Quickoffice or an internal corporate app
    can access data stored in Copiun’s secure document container.
  • Loss ProtectionIf a device is lost or stolen, Copiun
    TrustedShare provides protection layers including passcode, remote
    corporate data wipe, and access revoke.
  • Auditing Reporting – Copiun’s policy and document
    life cycle management comes with full auditing and reporting including
    keyword search of files or user names.

Copiun TrustedShare for the C-Suite

Copiun helps business leaders to achieve competitive advantage and speed
revenue gains by allowing mobile workers to be more productive with no
compromises to their data. With its centralized management and reporting
console, Copiun TrustedShare scales to tens of thousands of mobile
workers, hundreds of remote sites, and millions of documents while
simultaneously driving down support costs and lowering total cost of
ownership. Designed for large, distributed environments, Copiun
TrustedShare interoperates seamlessly with a corporation’s existing
environment, leveraging server and repository investments made over
time. It also integrates with existing Mobile Device Management
platforms. Management is intuitive with a familiar Microsoft®
Management Console (MMC)-like interface, further reducing training and
administrative costs. In short, Copiun TrustedShare is an
enterprise-grade, scalable solution that drives innovation and saves
time and money.

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About Copiun

Headquartered in Marlborough, MA, Copiun, Inc. is a venture-backed
start-up that was founded in late 2008. Copiun provides the first and
only secure mobile collaboration solution with end-to-end data
governance. Through its unique technology, Copiun TrustedShare™ lets
mobile workers access and share corporate documents, while ensuring IT
retains complete document lifecycle control. Enterprises count on Copiun
to power instant mobile worker productivity with no compromises to their
corporate data. Copiun’s products are used by more than 200 enterprise
customers globally. For more information about Copiun and its offerings,
please visit: http://www.copiun.com.

Copiun and Copiun TrustedShare are trademarks of Copiun, Inc.
Microsoft and SharePoint are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All
other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their
respective owners.

Article source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/introducing-copiun-trustedshare-first-mobile-130000225.html

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