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Enterprise mobile security is like a layer cake

With the spread of smartphones in the workplace, enterprise security has had to answer the new needs that arise when devices are always on, always connected, and often used for personal tasks. With these needs in mind, Clutch Mobile has developed products for mobile security, protector tools for Android and a suite of learning apps and eBooks for schools. The San Mateo, CA-based company recently announced a mobile security solution that performs on three “layers” – the device itself, the applications on the device, and the network. This unified approach aims to prevent data loss, as co-founder Garrett Larsson tells us, from threats to each of these layers – whether the problem is a lost device, a compromising app or an insecure network.

Cloud-based security technology

On top of this layered approach, Clutch Mobile has developed a cloud-based software to answer issues that are specific to mobile security – the limited resources of the mobile handset, and third party app behavior. Managing the tech in the cloud makes the product less reliant on both handset processor and battery. The cloud is also being leveraged to analyze apps that businesses use: “We’re employing advanced techniques to profile app behavior in the cloud with the goal to make that data available to businesses so they have a better sense what apps are doing with corporate data and which ones might be risky even if they aren’t malicious,” explains Larsson.

One size fits all

The scalable, cloud-based solutions are meant to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of small companies, schools or large enterprises, and to be implemented easily. The trend of BYOD is popular, according to Larsson, but many organizations purchase Android devices for their needs. “These needs range from shared use tablets for a school, field-force automation, point-of-sale (POS), and many other areas where devices have a very specialized use and need to be restricted to those tasks.” Clients “can replace the Android home screen with a custom one only showing certain apps, lock access to any app (messaging, phone, etc), and even restrict which websites are visited.”

Article source: http://www.atelier.net/en/trends/articles/enterprise-mobile-security-layer-cake

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