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Splashtop Announces Industry’s Fastest Remote Desktop Solution for the Mobile Workforce


., the worldwide leader in cross-device computing, today launched
Splashtop for Business – a secure, high-performance solution for
organizations to provide and manage remote access for their mobile
workforce. Employees on the go can now remotely access office
productivity applications and data from their mobile devices as if they
were in front of their computers.

“As the consumerization of IT takes hold, technical innovation is
shifting from the data center to the employee,” said Simon Bramfitt,
founder and principal analyst with Entelechy Associates. “Individual
employees are taking advantage of BYOD programs to extend work from the
desktop to the coffee shop and to their homes. Splashtop for Business
offers businesses of all sizes a way to support the growing use of
mobile devices both in the workplace and in remote places, providing the
ease-of-use employees have come to expect, and the security controls
that a business demands.”

Splashtop for Business provides IT departments with an easy-to-deploy
on-premise solution to address the growing use of mobile devices in the
work place by combining industry leading high performance and an
intuitive user interface with a management console. As the only solution
in the marketplace with broad platform support including iOS, Android,
and Windows 8, Splashtop for Business is the perfect bridge for users to
access their data and programs while ensuring interoperability.

“Given the sensitivity of our data it was essential we find a remote
desktop solution that allowed secure access to our system both in the
field and in the courtroom,” said Velta Moisio, Information Technology
Director for the Lake County Juvenile Court in Painesville, Ohio.
“Splashtop for Business not only provides our employees with the
flexibility to safely access their computers but it also allows us to
stay within our budget by eliminating the need for additional server
resources or licensing expenses. By improving our efficiency and
reducing our operating costs, we are able to more effectively put
taxpayer dollars to use in our community. ”

Since early August, Splashtop has offered prospective users a preview
version of Splashtop for Business through its Early Access Program. In
just a few months, an astounding 10,000 businesses joined the program.

“An active and vocal portion of our ten million customers have been
asking for an enterprise-ready version of Splashtop,” said Mark Lee,
Splashtop CEO and co-founder. “We are delivering Splashtop for Business,
which extends employees’ productivity beyond the office and gives
businesses peace of mind with a secure, high-performance remote desktop

With its broad device support, Splashtop for Business also allows IT
departments the ability to establish more efficient mobility strategies
to lower their IT costs and increase the productivity and overall
satisfaction of their workforce.

Addressing the Needs of Today’s Enterprises

Companies participating in the Early Access Program have been using the
preview version of Splashtop for Business to meet a variety of business

  • Mobile VPN replacement
  • High-performance alternative to RDP, VNC, Citrix
  • IT remote support solution
  • Mobile interactive whiteboard
  • BYOD (bring your own device) and work from home solution
  • High performance 3D and CAD/CAM remote mobile solution
  • “Tabletization” of MS Office software and legacy corporate software
  • “Last mile” extension for VDI and RDP environments
  • Sharing resources among employees

Key Features

Splashtop for Business offers:

  • On-premise server: secure management console Installed behind
    the corporate firewall
  • Hardened security: SSL/AES encryption with signed certificates,
    audit trail with detailed connection records
  • Rapid deployment: deployment in as little as 1 hour; no need to
    modify IT infrastructure
  • Legacy support: support for existing applications to run on
    mobile devices
  • Pooling: grouping of desktop images for shared use and ease of
  • Active Directory (AD): integration with existing AD database
  • High performance: up to 30 frames per second video and less
    than 30-millisecond latency
  • Intuitive interface: simple gestures implemented for
    touch-based mobile devices
  • Self-optimizing network: optimal use of bandwidth on a 3G, 4G
    or Wifi network
  • Multi-platform: support for all major platforms, including
    Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Availability and Pricing

Splashtop for Business is available for purchase at the Splashtop
website at www.splashtop.com/business#pricing-tab.
Pricing starts at $2,400 for up to 25 seats as an introductory offer.

Supporting Resources

Splashtop Home: http://www.splashtop.com
Splashtop for business: http://bit.ly/RrwgsD
Splashtop on:

About Splashtop Inc.

aspires to touch people’s lives by delivering the best-in-class remote
desktop experience – bridging tablets, phones, computers and TVs.
Splashtop technology empowers consumer and business users with
high-performance, secure, interactive access to their favorite
applications, media content and files anytime, anywhere.

Splashtop’s products are top-selling apps on Apple App Store, Google
Play, Amazon Appstore for Android, Nook Apps, BlackBerry App World, HP
App Catalog, Lenovo App Shop and others. More than ten million people
have downloaded Splashtop products from app stores, and more than 100
million devices from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Intel
and other partners have shipped with Splashtop.

The consumerization of IT and proliferation of mobile devices is leading
to adoption of Splashtop by businesses. The Splashtop Bridging Cloud™
ensures reliable, secure and high performance connectivity across
multiple devices, while offering IT, system integrators and service
providers policy-driven control.

Splashtop has won the prestigious “Most Innovative Product” award from
PC World, the “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science and the
”Best of 2012 CES” award from LAPTOP Magazine. The company is
headquartered in San Jose with offices in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai,
Taipei and Tokyo. For more information, visit http://www.splashtop.com.

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Article source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/splashtop-announces-industry-fastest-remote-070500753.html

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