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Norton 360: Should You Buy Norton Mobile Security For Your iOS And Android …

Jailbroken iPhone 5
Norton Mobile Security could be beneficial for iOS fans who jailbreak their devices (Photo: Twitter)

Norton Antivirus is probably one of the most well-respected and recognized security software you can use to protect your computer. Now, Norton comes to iOS and Android devices with Norton 360. 

Con Mallon, senior director for Norton mobile product management, spoke to PCMag about an increase in advertising apps, that attack you alerts and advertisements. Norton Mobile Security calls this “Madware,” a play on words of malware, malicious computer programs that try and invade your privacy. Norton Mobile Security stops madware and malware on your mobile device. 

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Mallon noted that this is a big shift in Symantec’s attitude towards digital security. “We’ll continue to secure the PCs, the mobile devices, and the personal information on them, but rather than think of protecting a single device we’ll protect the user.” Norton now has a multi-platform security bundle, called Norton 360, that protects a number of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

What’s New In Android And iOS

While Norton Mobile Security has been around on the Android, this is the first time its on iOS. The Android update features a fresh UI, to improve the users experience. It also boasts new features, including a web portal that allows you to wipe or lock a stolen phone by sending a coded text message, or have the phone send you a text message of its coordinates. There’s also a new “scream” feature, where the phone emits a loud noise, which should help users locate it if its lost somewhere in your house. Norton Mobile Security and Norton 360 also feature on-demand antivirus scanning, and real-time protection. This could be useful in Android phones, since there isn’t much censoring in the Android apps store (Google Play), which makes it easier for malware to enter your phone. 

As for the iOS version, Norton Mobile Security and Norton 360 doesn’t have all the features available in Android devices. Since it’s the first release of the iOS version, this makes sense, and users can expect more functionality in future upgrades. Right now, you can use Norton Mobile Security and Norton 360 to check your device’s current location, and past ten recorded locations, again, using a web portal. You can also back up your contacts and restore them to the same device or a different one, even an Android device. But, that’s basically it. 

Should You Buy It

It depends on how secure you want your mobile device to be. The price tag is steep: Norton Mobile Security 3.0 costs $29.99 in Norton’s online store, Google Play, and the iTunes Store. In my opinion, I think Android device can benefit more from Norton’s Mobile Security and Norton 360. iOS devices are already very secure, thanks to Apple’s diligent and strict guidelines on what apps are available in the App Store. The only way your iOS device is in danger is if you jailbreak it. Android devices are far more susceptible to malware and madware, as previously mentioned, because of Google‘s lack of oversight in their Google Play App Store. 

What do you think? Will you purchase Norton Mobile Security and Norton 360 for iOS and/or Android?

Article source: http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/13168/20121129/norton-360-buy-mobile-security-ios-android.htm

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