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Tangoe Mobile Device Management Supports Windows Phone 8


(TNGO), a leading global provider of Communications
Lifecycle Management
(CLM) software and related services, today
announced support for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 on Nokia, Samsung, and
HTC mobile devices. The latest enhancements to Tangoe’s Mobile
Device Management
(MDM) solution help businesses to securely
activate, deploy, and manage Windows Phone 8 devices while simplifying
administration and usability of increasingly complex mobile
communications environments.

“The widespread adoption and expansion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
mobile environments within the enterprise requires that mobility
managers rapidly adapt to the complexities caused by changing
technologies and device types within organizations,” said Wayne
DeCesaris, Tangoe SVP of Managed Solutions. “Tangoe MDM can simplify
these complex mobile environments and deliver the security, control,
ease-of-use, and rapid deployment necessary for enterprises to
successfully manage the rising tide of mobile devices and operating
systems flooding their organizations.”

The new Windows Phone 8 features of Tangoe MDM support multiple
infrastructures, including customer premise, Tangoe hosted (SaaS), fully
managed service, and allow users to:

  • Block defined devices from accessing MS Exchange
  • Implement multiple device quarantine filters based upon:

    • Device platform
    • Device model
    • MDM client presence
    • The recency of device synchronization with MDM
  • Configure passcode policies including encryption enforcement when
    devices are at rest
  • Configure Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policies for one or multiple
    accounts and set synchronization schedules
  • Perform enterprise or device wipe, lock, and kill commands
  • Enable GPS-based location tracking for lost or stolen devices and
  • Capture detailed device information including name, model,
    manufacturer, carrier network, roaming status and OS version

Tangoe MDM is a scalable end-to-end platform that allows enterprises to
gain visibility and control for a wide array of smart-device types and
operating systems and reduce mobile device costs. Tangoe MDM’s flexible
rules-based policy engine enables the administration of Windows Phone 8,
iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and other devices based upon a variety of
criteria including device type, employee data, carrier type, device
location, organizational information, and device OS.

For enterprises requiring support in establishing and implementing a
comprehensive mobility strategy, Tangoe’s mobility managed services,
which include solution hosting, administrative services, end-user help
desk, and on-site MDM administrative support, can help organizations
optimize and control the entire lifecycle of mobile enterprise
communications resources. For more information about Tangoe’s
comprehensive MDM solutions, visit www.tangoe.com/MDM.

About Tangoe

Tangoe (TNGO) is a leading global provider of Communications
Lifecycle Management (CLM) software and services to a wide range of
global enterprises. CLM encompasses the entire lifecycle of an
enterprise’s communications assets and services, including planning and
sourcing, procurement and provisioning, inventory and usage management,
mobile device management, invoice processing, expense allocation and
accounting, and asset decommissioning and disposal. Tangoe’s
Communications Management Platform (CMP) is an on-demand suite of
software designed to manage and optimize the complex processes and
expenses associated with this lifecycle for both fixed and mobile
communications assets and services. Tangoe’s customers can also manage
their communications assets and services by engaging Tangoe’s client
service group.

Additional information about Tangoe can be found at www.tangoe.com.
Tangoe is a registered trademark of Tangoe, Inc.

Article source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/tangoe-mobile-device-management-supports-193500257.html

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