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Malware to take toll on Android in 2013

As per ESET’s prediction, in the coming year Malware’s new target will be Android OS.

In 2012, Malware’s main targets were mobile phones, while in 2013 it’s expected to focus on the Android OS because of its drastically increasing market share.

As per the statistics by IDC, during the first quarter of 2012, Google’s Operating system has witnessed a constant rise of 145 percent in market share.

Juniper stated in its report named “Banking Anytime Anywhere” that in 2012, the number of users will increase to 530 million in terms of accessing banking services. On the other hand, in 2011 there were only 300 million who accessed banking details from their phones.

Pankaj Jain, Director of ESET India, reported that according to different estimations, currently there are over 27 million Smartphone users in India. However, it is only 3 per cent of total mobile phone users in the country. Although we did not register many cases of Android Malware in India, as compared to some other countries but, once Indian users will start actively using their mobiles for online shopping, banking, etc. the picture will change immediately.

Malware being multifaceted has its ability to perform a huge range of malicious actions it can perform on an infected Mobile device and thus, it has become the main concern of Security in 2013.



Article source: http://www.itvoir.com/portal/news/News/Malware-to-take-toll-on-Android-in-2013-21-367.asp

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