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HTC One X Android 4.2 & Sense 5 Update Rumored for June-July

A noted HTC insider claims that the HTC One X Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, which is rumored to be bringing the new Sense 5, could roll out as soon as June or July of this year.

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Shorty after the launch of the HTC One, the company seemingly confirmed pieces of the new HTC Sense 5 for global versions of the HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One X+ and the HTC Butterfly. Since then, rumors have been swirling about not only Sense 5, but the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean updates that will apparently bring these features to owners of HTC’s older devices.

The HTC One X Android 4.2 and Sense 5 update could come as soon as June.

The HTC One X Android 4.2 and Sense 5 update could come as soon as June.

One of the main sources of this information is noted HTC leakster @LlabTooFeR who has been a steady source of inside information for a number of weeks now in regards to the upcoming updates for devices not called the HTC One. And while the information has not yet been confirmed by HTC, @LlabTooFeR has been dead on with information in the past so it’s worth passing on.

His most recent leak is information about the HTC One X, specifically, the Tegra 3 powered international version, a device that is also known as the HTC Endeavor_U. He originally had cast some doubt on the HTC One X Sense 5 update so this is good news.

Article source: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/03/29/htc-one-x-android-4-2-sense-5-update-rumored-for-june-july/

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