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Sophos Updates Solution to Combat Malware on Android Devices

Are your customers concerned about unwanted text messages containing potentially malicious URLs? What about phone calls with hidden caller IDs? Security vendor Sophos has developed a solution to combat these security threats on Android devices, leveraging SPAM filter capabilities for text messages and calls. How does this solution benefit customers and managed services providers (MSPs)? Here’s the scoop.

First, a look at the Android market. According to comScore, Inc., Android has claimed more than 50 percent of the smartphone operating system (OS) market, making it a prime target for malware and SMiShing (SMS phishing). To protect against these threats, Sophos enhanced its Mobile Security solution. The new solution provides SPAM filter capabilities for text messages and calls.

The filter is designed to block specific phone numbers and calls with a hidden caller IDs, as well as text messages with potentially malicious URLs. The application’s spam protection feature scans every incoming call or text message and the filter rules are applied successively. Blocked calls and text messages are logged in the app’s quarantine folder. These blocked calls and text messages can be restored as needed.

“Even with legal crackdown on mobile spammers, SMS spam and SMiShing continue to grow at a rapid pace, as there are billions of mobile phone subscribers who use text messaging, “said Sophos Senior Product Manager Thomas Lippert in a prepared statement. “And more spam means greater annoyance and risk to consumers, as many people trust messages that come directly to their phones or don’t necessarily think about what links they’re actually clicking.”

He added that the company’s solution can prevent the onset of SMishing. Sophos Mobile Security is offered as a free download at Google Play, but it also can be integrated into Sophos Mobile Control for MSPs.

If you’re interested in becoming a Sophos partner, visit the company’s website for more information on its partner program.

Article source: http://mspmentor.net/managed-security-services/sophos-updates-solution-combat-malware-android-devices

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