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Google attacked over Android malware again


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Google has come under attack from F-Secure after figures showed more than 90 per cent of mobile malware targets Android.

The rise resulted in the report’s author questioning whether he will look to replace his mother’s Android phone with another platform to keep her safe.

According to F-Secure’s latest report, Android malware accounted for 136 out of 149 or 91.3 per cent of threats identified.

Earlier this year, the antivirus company revealed Android malware accounted for 96 out of 100 threats identified.

While its percentage share fell, F-Secure said that was because of an increase in Symbian-focused malware since the its latest report. It was still up from the 79 per cent share

It said there had been a rise in the amount of Symbian malware targeting the Indian market with fake job offers.

F-Secure also identified a number of new threats to Android users.

In addition to its lax app security, F-Secure warned that there had been a rise in email-based malware.

It warned that because of Android’s open source nature, not only was it easier to install malware, it was also easier to access sensitive information.

According to F-Secure, Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry’s operating systems – which are all closed source – are free of malware.

F-Secure said that the majority of malware released for Android targeted older version of the software.

Google has been accused of failing to do enough to ensure that its phone partners release updates for Android promptly.

In a recent interview with Wired, it admitted it had made mistakes in the past. It added that it was working with its partners to try and ensure updates were released for phones quicker.

The increase in malware prompted the author of F-Secure’s report to cast doubt on whether he is comfortable with his mother using an Android device.

“I’ll put it this way: Unil now, I haven’t worried about my mother with her Android because she’s not into apps,” commented Sean Sullivan, security advisor at F-Secure.

“Now I have reason to worry, because with cases like Stels, Android malware is also being distributed via spam, and my mother checks her email from her phone.”

Article source: http://www.t3.com/news/google-attacked-over-android-malware-again

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