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HTC One S Android 4.2.2 & Sense 5 Update Future in Question

HTC reportedly has stopped working on the HTC One S Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Sense 5 update for the Snapdragon S4 version of the device, a piece of software that was rumored for arrival despite HTC’s grim announcement.

Earlier this year, HTC promised a Sense 5 update for several older devices including the HTC One X+, HTC One X, HTC Butterfly and the HTC One S. And while the One X+, One X and Butterfly have all received Sense 5, and along with it Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the HTC One S update remains in limbo.

Several weeks ago, HTC announced that it had cancelled future Sense and Android updates for the HTC One S. While the company did not reveal it, the reason for the cancellation was thought to have hinged on the fact that HTC didn’t want to invest the effort in getting the Snapdragon S3 powered HTC One S, also known as the HTC VilleC2, up to speed. Qualcomm apparently stopped supporting the Snapdragon S3 processor, leaving the HTC engineers to upgrade the Snapdragon S3′s drivers to work with Android 4.2.

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The HTC One S may never get Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5.

The HTC One S may never get Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5.

Article source: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/08/29/htc-one-s-android-4-2-2-sense-5-update-future-in-question/

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