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HTC One Android KitKat software update hits Unlocked, Developer Editions

This week the folks at HTC continue their rather rapid deployment of the Android 4.4 KitKat software update across the globe with their Unlocked and Developer Editions. These are two of the last editions to get the software, while some carrier editions and the HTC One Google Play edition have already seen the update in the USA and abroad.


HTC made a point earlier this year that they’d be pushing their all into the HTC One, and they do indeed appear to be keeping their word. With the device remaining their hero smartphone throughout 2013 and here in the Fall of the year seeing an upgrade to an operating system only released weeks ago, the company does seem to be keeping up the pace.

NOTE: The rest of the HTC One devices not updated yet have been assured an end-of-January release date from HTC. Sound good to you?

HTC has also continued to deploy Robert Downey Jr. advertisements throughout the end of the year for the HTC One and bringing on the heat with the larger HTC One Max. With a Hipster Troll Carwash on their side, how could HTC lose?

Have a peek at SlashGear’s own HTC One review as well as the HTC One mini and the HTC One max, the latest in the series. Stick around the HTC tag portal for the next generation as well, sooner than later!

Article source: http://www.slashgear.com/htc-one-android-kitkat-software-update-hits-unlocked-developer-editions-29307188/

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