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Android 4.4.3 update purportedly detailed in leaked changelog

The first details of Google’s next Android update have supposedly been revealed via a leak of the purported changelog.

Police has received the alleged changelog of the next Android 4.4.3
update through a source that claims that the Google’s
next Android update is primarily
for bug fixes.

One of the major fixes that the next Android 4.4.3
update is said to bring is the ‘mm-qcamera-daemon’ crash and
optimization fixes. Earlier, the Nexus 5 smartphone was noted
to be affected by a new battery drain issue, which Google claimed was due to high CPU usage of the ‘mm-qcamera-daemon’ process that led
to the battery dying sooner than expected. It’s worth pointing out that
the ‘mm-qcamera-daemon’ issue was said to be affecting all Android 4.4
KitKat-based and Qualcomm-powered devices.

Other fixes include
frequent data connection dropout fix; camera focus in regular and HDR
modes fix; power manager display wake lock fix; multiple Bluetooth
fixes; random boot fix; USB debugging security fix; app shortcuts
security fix; Wi-Fi auto-connect fix; more camera fixes; missed call LED
fix; data usage graph fix; fix for MMS, email/exchange, calendar,
people/dialler/contacts, DSP, IPv6, VPN, and other miscellaneous fixes.

has also posted a screenshot from the Nexus 5 smartphone that shows
the device running Android 4.4.3.

We assume that the Mountain View
giant is testing the next Android build and the update can be expected
to be rolled out soon. However, no exact rollout date has been revealed
as of yet.

An earlier report hinted that Google has been considering adding business-specific features to its next
Android iteration, aiming to challenge companies that already offer such
services – such as BlackBerry, Apple and Samsung.

Article source: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/android-443-update-purportedly-detailed-in-leaked-changelog-502635

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