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Android users under siege as banking Trojan threat grows

Android users remain under siege from mobile malware with more than 99 percent of all threats targeting the platform, according to Kaspersky Labs.

The firm revealed its first quarter attack stats in a detailed blog post in which it recounted some of the major threats from the start of the year, such as The Mask malware and Icefog APT it uncovered.

Furthermore, Kaspersky reported a huge surge in mobile malware threats. One notable rise was the number of banking Trojans in the market, as they almost doubled from 1,321 to 2,503 in the quarter.

The trend continues from data gathered across 2013 by Kaspersky that found that mobile banking malware was the fastest-growing threat facing mobile users.

Russia is by far the most targeted country, with 88.85 percent of all banking Trojans aimed at devices in the country. Russian devices also receive 48.9 percent of other mobile malware threats, such as adware or spyware, making it the most frequently targeted country.

The UK is fifth on the overall list of most frequently targeted countries, with 2.79 percent of all threats hitting devices in the country. India is second with 5.23 percent, Kazakhstan third with 4.55 percent, and Ukraine is fourth with 3.27 percent.

The map below gives a clear indication of the nations that pose the biggest risk, and those that are the safest.

Countries where users face the greatest risk of mobile malware infection, Q1 2014 (the percentage of all attacked unique users)

Overall in the quarter, the firm said that its Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) data showed it had blocked a total of over one billion malicious attacks on computers and mobile devices with 81 million unique URLs recognised as malicious.

The data comes a day after Verizon revealed that the vast majority of all security incidents at companies can be traced to just nine basic attack methods, with certain sectors more prone to certain attack types.

Verizon said it hoped that data would help companies focus on the specific threats they face to more successfully defend their networks, systems and data.

Article source: http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/news/2341100/android-users-under-siege-as-banking-trojan-threat-grows

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