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Avast – Stay protected with Avast antivirus

How great are application program when they can be put under the stress-test and these apps. May they handle nicely on your own smart device? Today we go over a couple of essential things like newest upgrades, information and whats currently hot on the applications. Aside from it is quick and easy to install, it also has various ways of scanning (quick scan, full system scan, select a folder to scan) and it comes in free for the first 30 days. The software is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux that was created by Avast Software.

Features such as Intelligent Antivirus, Anti-malware, spyware and rootkit protection, SafeZone for payments and banking securities, Silent Firewall for protection against hackers and other cyber attackers, Anti-Spam against scam emails and phishing, Auto-software updater that always keeps you up to date, easy access, military-grade permanent data eraser or Data Shredder are altogether put into the newest avast! 2014. The new avast! 2014 is optimized with detection engines that allow the users to optimize memory usage and provides a speedy scanning experience. Avast! 2014 also comes in with different security levels (Essential, All-Inclusive, Top-Notch) that are available for downloads.

Malwares, viruses and other threats don’t just attack your pc’s primary hard drive but also infects USB flash drives and other removable storage devices.  Through Avast Antivirus you can fully scan the contents of your drives (removable media scan) to remove all existing threats.

Avast is not just intended for your computer cause avast also has a mobile security created for androids that comes in free with anti-virus that guards your mobile and tablet against malware, spyware, viruses such as Trojan and even against unwanted phishing and theft.  It is equipped with protection tools, such as virus scanner, virus remover, protector, network meter, fire wall, application lock and application manager. General infections and application vulnerabilities are one of the common problems users are facing today, worry not cause avast! Mobile Security protects Wifi-based threats to your OS.  To keep your data free from theft avast! Mobile security’s advance Anti-theft components such as remote lock and memory wipe features will surely secure you. In case of emergency, the web-based phone locator will surely help you locate your lost phone or tablet. And lastly, avast! Mobile Security is available for free but it requires android 2.1 and up.


Article source: http://www.streetwisetech.com/2014/08/avast-stay-protected-avast-antivirus/282008.html

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