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OneDrive app for Android updated, All Photos View now available

The OneDrive team recently rolled out a new update to the mobile app. The developers have been working hard to improved the app across all platforms and a newly improved version is now ready for Android.

OneDrive app is formerly known as SkyDrive. You can say it’s just another cloud storage program but it’s one of the most efficient apps today. The free online storage can save all your files—documents, videos, and photos or just about anything you want to store on your account. It can be integrated with SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 365 to use for work and share important business files.

With the OneDrive app for Android, you can manage and share personal and work files, open OneDrive files in other apps, quickly access recent documents, as well as, invite more people to use the same app for future file-sharing. With the Android 4.0+ version, OneDrive users can automatically upload photos and videos using the Camera backup feature, search/sort folders and files, and select multiple files to download. The OneDrive app for Android also boasts of improved support for working with Office Mobile for Android and OneNote.

With this OneDrive 2.8.1 app update, you can now easily share files to your contacts, move and rename business folders, and search for documents. Shared view for business accounts have been added, as well as, a new photos view (All Photos View) of photos currently stored in your OneDrive account.

Aside from the stability improvements and bug fixes for the Android version, the OneDrive team has been announcing other good news for users of OneDrive on other platforms. Recently, the free storage on the Microsoft vesion was increased to 30GB. The Android version was also increased from 7GB to 15GB for free users and up to 1TB for the paid subscribers. A few months ago too, the mobile app combined Personal and Business accounts on one app for easier access and more efficiency. The OneDrive Kindle Fire and Fire Phone version has rolled out as well. Looks like the OneDrive team isn’t going anywhere and it will only improve on the app and release many versions of it.

Download updated OneDrive from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: OneDrive

Article source: http://androidcommunity.com/onedrive-app-for-android-updated-all-photos-view-now-available-20140930/

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