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One iPhone In Every Large Company Infected With Malware

Four percent of all mobile devices in big enterprises have malware installed but network threat to mobile phones bigger, says report.

Mobile security firm Skycure says organizations with more than 200 iOS or Android mobile devices are most likely to have at least one piece of equipment infected with malware and that 4% of all mobile devices have malware installed. Based on findings in its third Mobile Threat Intelligence Report, Skycure discovered that in large enterprises, 3% of all iOS devices have malware installed while 5.7% of all Android devices are infected.

The report was formulated from a study between January and March 2016 of both unmanaged mobile devices and those managed by security management.

The research, which also found mobile ransomware on the rise, stated businesses were seen to carry more than three unique varieties of malware with Android phones having a greater range. It also highlighted threats from third-party app stores and said that 19% of enterprise Android phones allowed downloading from these, thus exposing them to malware. Google Play, it said, was the safest store for Android apps.

However, malware is not the biggest threat to enterprise mobile devices. According to the report, only 13% of mobile incidents were from malware, while fully 70% of incidents were network-based. 

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