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Sponsor: The right way to scan for viruses

Protecting your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone is more important than it ever has been before. As fun as the internet is, it’s also crawling with bad links that can infect your devices with various types of malware. And, more often than not, you don’t even know there’s an issue until it’s too late.

To truly know that your device hasn’t been infected, regular scans are necessary. But, did you know there’s a right way to scan your system and a wrong way? It’s true. Take a look at this list of do’s and don’ts from our sponsor, Kaspersky Lab. That way, you won’t make these key mistakes.


1. Do watch for software updates: Software developers are constantly struggling to stay one step ahead of hackers writing malicious code. Unfortunately, they’re rarely successful. Usually, when a software update is issued, it’s because someone exploited a vulnerability.

This is why it’s a horrible idea to ignore those software update notifications that pop up while you’re trying to work. Sure, they may be annoying, but the longer you put them off the worse it gets. (But keep reading. In the next section, we’ll share a trick to check for updates automatically.)

2. Do run a full scan every day: Running a system scan here and there isn’t enough. Each time you go online you’re taking a huge risk of accidentally clicking something that can infect your computer.

Thankfully, these checks don’t have to be manual. In just a few minutes, you can schedule them to happen automatically. All you have to do is tell your computer when and how often.

Use the Windows Task Scheduler to set up automatic security checks. You’ll find Task Scheduler by clicking on the Start button, then following this path: Control Panel System and Security Administrative Tools Task Scheduler. Click here for step-by-step instructions and screenshots explaining how maintenance tasks can be scheduled.

3. Do have solid anti-virus software: According to Kaspersky Lab, 34.2 percent of computer users had at least one web attack in 2015. It also found ransomware on 753,684 computers in 2015, with the number of infections growing rapidly each quarter. And, this year, these numbers continue to rise.

Kaspersky Total Security scans your computer for threats, blocks malicious programs from installing, steers you away from phishing sites, makes online banking safer and so much more. It’s the antidote to ransomware and the endless string of digital threats you encounter on a daily basis. Buy Kaspersky Total Security now and save 50 percent.

That’s why we recommend Kaspersky Lab products. Kaspersky Lab has more than 400 million users of its products worldwide. Plus, it protects more than 270,000 organizations, including Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Toshiba, Cisco, Ferrari and the Komando computers we’re writing with right now.

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