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FBI Ransomware hits Android, learn how to avoid it

FBI Ransomware, which is among the most intimidating malware threats, has hit Android. This malware pretends to be the FBI and then leaves users who install innocuous application feeling under pressure into paying $300 to release their data.

This malware is easy to get rid of, and if your smartphone is secured correctly, you should not even be able to install it.

Avoid the Ransomware

If you’re careless about the applications you install on your Android handset, you may surprisingly find that the FBI ransomware has appeared.

Thanks to Google Play Store as it provides protections to block malware. Even if an app got through the approval process, the app report and the rating system would see to it that id did not stay online. This ransomware can be availed to your device either from online downloads or third party apps which provide an alternative to the Play Store.

As long you disable installing apps from Unknown sources such malware can’t installed. You should also keep the Verify Apps option ticked also helps a lot in checking every installed application automatically.

FBI Ransomware has a disguise

First of all, you will not realize that you’ve installed FBI Ransomware till it is too late. This is because it is not listed as ‘FBI Ransomware’ in online App Stores. Instead, it appears as another application.

This malware can be defeated avoiding applications that claim to be Adobe Flash Player. Nowadays, Flash Player is no longer needed as browsers are HTML5 ready thus getting rid of the need for a video plugin.

Uninstall FBI ransomware with Android Safe Mode

There is a solution of deleting this malware instead of paying so that your data can be unlocked. The payment for this method is via GreedDotMoneyPak card that must be bought and pre-loaded with money, and the code entered.

One some handsets lie the Galaxy S2, this malware does not load quickly, thus you can remove it before it is fully loaded.

With the safe mode activated only system application will be running. Any third party applications are disabled. Getting rid of the malware from your smartphone requires you get rid of administrative privilege from the application in the Flash Player disguise, Go to Security Device Administrator and then select Flash Player and Deactivate.

Then remove the malware by going to Settings Apps, then select Flash Player and tap Uninstall.

In addition, be careful when using the third-party app stores. Moreover, make sure the Unknown Sources option is disabled.

Source: Phanroid

Article source: http://updato.com/how-to/fbi-ransomware-hits-android-learn-avoid

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