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Doom 3 BFG edition Vive VR mashup saves Cyber Monday

GREAT NEWS TO EVERYONE SICK TO DEATH of thinking about how much money they can save buying things that until now they did not know that they needed: we have a Doom 3 mod that sees the chainsaw and shoot everything up game make its way onto the HTC Vive VR headset and deeper into your nightmares.

There is a video of the joyous experience on Youtube (below). It went up last week but we have been busy reporting on Android malware threats and that kind of crap. We missed this real and very important news to our shame.

The video shows the game in action and provides information about how and where to find the necessary stuff that you need to do the same thing. You will need an HTC Vive headset and you will need to go to Github.

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“Surprise guys! Here is a DOOM 3 BFG VR Gameplay on HTC Vive with roomscale and motion controller tracking, with perfect immersion, fully working UI control and smooth 90fps gameplay in Virtual Reality and 3D view of course!”, said excited tester and Youtuber SweViver VR.

Yes, Doom 3 BFG is actually working perfectly on your HTC Vive, and I think this is totally amazing. Doom 3 BFG in Virtual Reality is just like a brand new AAA-title in VR, and the graphics is actually surprisingly good looking and detailed,” says excited tester and Youtuber SweViver VR.

“Thanks to a guys called Codes4Fun on Github, we can enjoy Doom 3 BFG gameplay in VR on HTC Vive, and all you really need is the full version of the game and the download and extract the free VR Mod called RBDOOM-3-BFG made by Codes4Fun”

We thought that 2016 had had enough doom and gloom already, but we were wrong, it turns out that we did need some extra Doom. We might also need some anti-motion-sickness tablets, though the dude in the video does not. µ 


Article source: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2478548/doom-3-bfg-edition-vive-vr-mashup-saves-cyber-monday

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