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A guide to Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends

Don’t let the headlines fool you. They may have been “spotted” together at one point or another, but Harry never seriously dated singer Natalie Imbruglia or actress Emma Watson.

He was, however, reportedly seen with pop star Ellie Goulding at the 2016 Audi Polo Challenge with eyewitnesses saying the two “spent a lot of time sitting under blankets.”

During a 2016 interview with “The Project TV,” Goulding’s interviewers asked her if she planned on having a baby with Prince Harry anytime soon. A mortified Goulding responded “no” to the question regarding having children with anyone, Harry included, and called her interviewers out for being “naughty, naughty people.”

Harry has been actually been turned down for dates. In 2018, actress Katie Cassidy shared with “Entertainment Tonight” that she had randomly met Harry in 2014 while on vacation with friends in Miami.

Harry and his friends, who appeared to be having a bachelor party, invited Cassidy and her friends out with them. The group of women thanked them for their offer but decided not to party with Harry and his bachelor friends that night. Cassidy saw Harry the next day at the pool and recalled that he was completely understanding and respectful about the declined offer.

Article source: http://www.businessinsider.com/prince-harry-ex-girlfriends-2018-5

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